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You can se the default global settings in the /layouts/_seo.html.erb partial.

variable description
cache_version A simple cache-buster
seo_title The default title of all pages.
seo_title_postfix An automatically appeneded post-fix for page titles. It is recommended to use the website name. Will result in something like Page Title - Website Name
seo_keywords Default meta keywords
seo_description Default meta description
seo_image Default seo image
twitter_handle Global twitter:site meta tag
twitter_creator Global twitter:creator meta tag

Meta tags

Ornament has a series of yields that you can use on your page to push content to your meta tags

content_for tag
title <title> and a <h1> tag in application.html.erb
page_title <title>, superceding the above
meta_description <meta name='description'>
meta_image <link rel='image_src'>


By default if no og_* yields are used it will fallback to use the same values as the meta tags above where logical.

content_for tag
og_title <meta name='og:title'>
og_description <meta name='og:description'>
og_image <meta name='og:image'>
og_author <meta name='og:author'>
og_publish_time <meta name='og:published_time'>

Twitter Cards

Twitter cards will inherit from the opengraph tags above. If there are no opengraph tags it will fallback to the standard meta ones.

content_for tag
twitter_image <meta name='twitter:image'>


When the seo module is enabled in Koi it will automatically feed in to the title, keyword and description.