Ornament is a pattern/component library and a boilerplate template for kick-starting development for a ruby on rails project.

Ornament is not a CSS framework for prototyping.

You can use ornament to generate a dynamic application layout with all the bells and whistles you don't want to have to write every time you start a new project, such as various yields and layouts.

On the front-end side it comes with a bunch of SASS and JS utilities to make creating your CSS rules and JS behaviours a breeze.

Ornament is not designed to be upgraded. It should be generated exactly once at the beginning of your project development.

Alternate versions

There are alternate versions of ornament that are in various stages of development.

Static generator will generate a static site using grunt from the latest version of Ornament.

The develop branch is the latest version of Ornament and will always have the latest fixes and updates.